A Banner Mail Day

The last of my fabric samples arrived today so I can begin choosing the fabrics and colors.

Main body of the mantua will be wool gab from Fabric.com
Bodies will be linen from Fabric-Store.com
Peticoats and chemise will also be Fabric-stores 5oz linen
Bodies will have linen taped edges from Wooden Hamlet
My brass pins & maybe a few other bits & pieces will also come from them as well.
Now to just choose the colors! And get the money to actually get started.

With the main body in tan. Bodies in ginger. Petticoat choices are: red, gold, green. blue, chocolate brown (I will also have an underlayer in white linen if needed.)

With the main body in chocolate brown, bodies still in ginger. Petticoat colors are the same as above

Of course the chocolate brown with chocolate brown doesn't work. And the greens I photographed are different. I'm leaning towards the Dark brown with the gold with the red as a back up "fancy" version.

In other news I got my quills today. Just need to sit down & cut them & start writing away.