A pocket full of happiness Part 1

In the tradition of "when I'm feeling depressed I sewing something", I made myself a pocket today.

The Empress had it on her top 10 list & honestly I always forget pouches & pockets until the last & then am never happy with them. Not this time.

Totally NOT period fabrics. Just white muslin & bias tape from the scrap bin. It's not like anyone will be seeing it though. When I've got some bigger natural fabric scraps I'll make a replacement. This was super quick, even with the hand sewing.

I as going to do an embroderiered "J" on it but the only floss I have is brown. It works though & will hold stuff under my skirts which is all that matters. You can still see the chalk marks that I haven't washed off yet.

and a close up of the whip stitching. Not my best but good practice for when it matters.