Cost Estamates for Woman's kit

I've begun pricing out the parts to the woman's kit to see how much I have to scrounge for to get started on this project.

Chemise fabric ~~30
Chemise pattern~~Free!
Chemise notions~~6
Stays pattern~~25
Stays Fabric~~25
Stays notions~~20
Mantua pattern~~30
Mantua fabric~~100
Mantua notions~~20
Straw Hat~~6
Linen cap~~6
Apron~~ 10

Total estamate~~heart attack inducing!~~448

The manuta fabric includes 2 petticoats & a stomacher. The notions include things like silk thread, pins and linen tape. The patterns are terriblely expensive but I know the Empress is worth it & the pieces will be approved because of her patterns being used. The boning is reed, all the fabrics either 100% linen or wool, even the inner lining on the stays is linen. Plus I can justify that some of the pieces like the shoes will be worn for both kits.

However, at this point I don't have that kind of cash laying around. I am able to get started with the stays and the shoes for now. Two of the big parts that can't really be "borrowed" from someone else (not that I know anyone to borrow from!). Everything else is going to have to wait until the money tree starts fruiting!