If the shoe fits Part 1

I ordered my shoes today.

I ended up going with the Concord's from Fugawee. I seriously love the Anna but they are too pretty for men's wear. Then there was the Debbie, that is based off the Hogarth etchings but those are also a little girly and more expensive than I have right now for shoes (someday though).

I was really torn and almost got the Barbra which is the woman's sized version of the 1758, except the name should tip you off. They are a straight last, which I really really like but don't have a very big tongue. Honestly they look too much like modern shoes with a buckle where the larger tongue is a little more correct.

Of course we can't get perfectly correct GAoP shoes & I've driven myself nuts deciding which to get. But I finally did it. They should be here by next week.

For a girl that doesn't like shoes, I'm pretty excited.