Order Up

Made several purchase for the woman's kit today.
From Joann's

linen for cap, pockets & the lowest layer of petticoats
20 yards of pattern ease for making adjustments from the muslins

Mantua Pattern
Stays pattern
Emotional support & encouragement ;)

linen for stays & petticoats

I went with the mustard color for one set of petticoats and the red for the nicer petticoat and stomacher set. For the stays I went with the darker tan color. Plus I threw in a bit of nice linen for a shift and the inner layers for the stays.

wool for mantua
Choose the cocoa brown wool gab for the mantua. It's good and universal and I am one of the few people who does actually look good in brown, so why not go with it. Used a 15% off coupon, yeah!
Monday I will order the shoes & the supplies from Wooded Hamlet since both of those have to be made over the phone.