The grand plans for RF2

Here is a quick update on my plans to complete before RF2.

To make:
duct tape fitters model

To purchase:
fugawee shoes
more stockings
red knitted monmouth cap

men's kit pieces to sew:
slops out of linen canvas
linen shirt
tan striped linen waistcoat
grey wool common man's jacket
sailors sack of some kind

woman's kit to sew:
linen stays (with pink silk trim?)
green & brown linen manuta
golden yellow linen petticoats

As you can see, there is a lot to do and only 11 weeks to do it in. Add to that having to wait until my next "allowance" comes in and there is a lot of time pressure. The grey coat may have to wait. I am going to focus on the woman's kit most because I want that for the ball night, even though it's not a fancy outfit or anything.