What Wool'd Ye Do

The Empress, in her coniving way, has convinced me to make my first Mantua out of wool rather than the lined linen I was thinking of. In a way this is good.

Wool wouldn't need to be lined. One less step and that much less fabric.

However unlined means I will have to do different seams, grumble.

On the third hand, wool is also better for winter events, generally warmer but also still breaths well enough for most summer events. Considering the crazy weather we have here I might still need a linen mantua for July but wool sounds so much more comfortable for October - May.

On the 4th hand, wool is generally more expensive than the linen and there are significantly more weaves of wool to choose from. That's where fabric shopping online gets hard. I like to touch fabric. o I'm currently deciding between wool crepe & wool gab. Already I think the wool flannel is to, puffy, drapeless, soft for what I'm imagining. I have samples on order from http://www.fabric.com so we'll see what their wool is like.

Again I've been thinking of colors. I really like the piece of advice to have all your pieces in the same general colo combo. That way they can interchange easily. I'm leaning towards chocolate brown with the gold & orange like my Ren. faire garb.

However I'd also like to add some green. "Jane" has a green mantua, it's her only piece of clothes outside of the sailor's work clothing. So being the silly person I am, I would also like a green mantua. Perhaps that will be the one in linen. Green seems to be a very hard color to find the "right" shade of. Green with mustard looks good and the right green looks good with brown as well.

While I'm at it in the fabric department. I've been thinking of a red silk dress eventually. And a mustard colored justacourps with matching breeches. Those are distant projects though.