Giving the Final Order

Made, what should be the final supplies order from Wooded Hamlet today. Big pile of basics like dutch linen tape, lacing cord, button hole twist & brass pins. I ended up not getting the silk thread from them since I can get the same stuff for the same price at Attic Quilts & the ladies there will order what ever colors I ask for. Plus that gives me an excuse to go for a visit over there.

Yesterday I took advantage of the Jas Townsend deal on tan-ish linen thread. $15 for 3 spools shipped. I figure you can never really have enough thread (or fabric or ribbon for that matter). This is an off tan color that should stand out a lot less than white-white would with the colors of my fabrics. As soon as that arrives I'll get to sewing the reed channels in the stays.

Yes, I cut all the fabric the other night. It's waiting in the bin just tormenting me! I had a brilliant thought to use the quilters guide to sew evenly spaced channels. Now just to dig around in the sewing room to find that darned thing. It's designed for sewing evenly spaced straight lines, so why spend the time drawing every single line when I can use a tool I already have, someplace! Plus I was at the JoAnn's tomorrow and completely forgot to pick up a new disappearing marker and I'm not going back for another week.