If The Shoe Fits Part 2

My Fugawee shoes arrived today. I stuck the velcro on to pull the latches out of the way & laced them up with a piece of leather cord and taadaa, shoes.

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Now these are NOT GAoP correct, but they are as close as we come for my current shoe budget of $100. The astute observer (ie the other nuts in the room) will note the lack of butt stitching, the way the latch is attached wrong, the left & right last & the reenforced heel. But to the, well lets call them "sane" general public, these look like standard buckle shoes (once I get some buckles that is). So until the Empress opens her "End All, Bee All GAoP Shoppe" and sells period correct shoes for budget minded pirates, these will be what I wear.

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Now I've been pouring over the Laroon "Cryes & Hawlkers of London" images reciently and one thing I noticed was that every one of them has ribbon tied lachet shoes. So I am considering NOT setting these up for buckles but stitching the lachets back & lacing them. Since I would want to get the single prong (& period appropriate) buckles that GOF has promised, perhaps it is a better idea to save those for the period appropirate shoes as well.

So many choices to make!