Paper Dolls

Patterns from Reconstructing History arrived yesterday. I sat down last night & read all the information. Kass' number one tip is to make a mock-up out of Bristol board. Knowing that I always need adjustments for my narrow shoulders and larger bust, I did as she suggested. Unfortunatly I was to wrapped (literally) up in what I was doing that I didn't get any pictures. Take my word for it, 'dressing' in posterboard isn't easy.

I also took an idea offered by L. I was having trouble with my bust. The stays hold the bust up, but the board wasn't enough to support "the girls". L suggested, why don't you put on a bra. Leave it to a 6year old to understand things. I was able to position everything the way it should be once the stays are laced which helped get the fit across the back & shoulders correct.

Adjustments turned out to be very minor. Dropped the armpit, sorry arm scye (sp?), about 3/8". Dropped the front neck about the same distance. Only a minor curve change in the hips to raise the tabs less than 1/4" on one side (the kids carrying side). The final adjustments will come from the shoulder straps. That's the biggest change I had to make in the hemp corded bodice I made in June as well. I end up having to add a triangle to adjust the angle just enought. It's not a lot but makes a big difference.

Now all I have to do is order up my round reeds, linen tape & thread. I am also still waiting for the fabric to arrive, but once it's here I'll start cutting. The last detail to decide on is wether the flax colored linen tape should be dyed or left natural. Natural is more neutral, color is just more fun! I'll probibly leave it. I also need to ask Kass her opinions on using the busc or not. I haven't decided. With my bust it might be better to use the busc, but that's a bit more work. Decisions decisions.