Petticoat Junction

All three linen petticoats are finished!

#1, all white, 5oz linen. Shortest length at about 32". Linen tape waistbands. This one was made with 60" wide fabric, which turned out entirely too wide for me and nearly wraps around me twice from both the front and back. This is also the most machine sewn of the bunch, since it will be worn underneath all the others. Makes a great under layer piece.

#2 Mustard colored 5oz linen. Mid length. Linen tape waistbands. Not long enough to count as anything but a lower-class "criers" length. As the Empress always says "we're not Victorians after all". This is from 45" wide fabric and fits much better around. I can even access my pockets while wearing it. Machined seams and pleating stitches but waistband and hem are hand done.

#3 Madder Red colored 5oz linen. Essentially the same as the Mustard petticoat except this was meant to be longer. An oops with my cutting made it the same length as the Mustard but with a narrower hand done hem. I also did the waistband treatment a little differently. Rather than stitch and flip to the inside leaving a narrow band on the outside (and my visible machine stitching holding the pleats in place) I stitched and flipped to the outside without leaving any tape inside. This gave me enough over lap to hide the machine stitching and have a nice neat white waistband

Now that I'm done with these the work moves forward to the hand sewing (at least the visible front) of the boning channels on the stays.


  1. You're HANDsewing the boning channels on the front of your stays! Oh, darling, I AM impressed! =)


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