To Cap It All Off Part 1

I've been working on getting the perfect linen cap to cover my hair. I'm not there yet, still so much tweeking to do before it's the way I want it. But for now, I have a cap (actually 2, one fits L better). So come RF, if I haven't gotten around to perfecting the pattern, I will at least have something to cover my hair.

Made from 100% linen and silk thread. All hand sewn. This combo is a dream to work with. Almost enough to make me consider doing *more* hand sewing.

the too small one.
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and a bad picture of it on me. I think it's really too short side to side & across the back. However looking at the Chocolatier (I think that's the paintings name) it could work for later than period.
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The front of the larger cap
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I think it's too gathered. And I don't like the fold back. Next version will just have a narrower band and a smaller pouch. I'm also going to get some linen cord for the drawstring in the back. I'm thinking that rather than gathering into the band it should be just a smidge bigger & pleated once or twice.

The other problem I'm having has nothing to do with sewing & everything to do with my hair shrinking. I'm having a hard time pulling it back. When it's in a bun it sticks out, which makes the back of the cap stick out funny. But when it's down, dreads tend to escape. This will have ot be fiddled with more come Jan since there is no telling how my hair will change between now & then.

Sorry, can't get the camera to focus close enough to see the stitching. Trust me when I say that even doubled the slik thread is virtually invisable.

But for now, I have patterns to play with & stays to make!