Come Together

Progress is being made on the mantua, despite quite a few mistakes & completely not understanding the turning gore. Tomorrow S will help me get the back pleats just right. I have been trying it on Sticky but I keep going around in circles. I really need another set of eyes saying "yes, that's right. No that's not".

That didn't stop me from putting on everything I have finished on today & wearing it around the house. I need to put some hours into wearing the stays to get the tabs shaped to me better. I wanted to see how the neckline of the shift worked out & where to cut off the sleeves. I have since decided that I'm just going to fold the sleeves back & tack into place. Maybe. I don't really want to cut them off & hem but that's way at the bottom of the "to do" list anyway. I also need to either hem up a linen neckerchief or dig out one of the silks. The exposed neck area is nice, but way to "ren faire wench". The cap also needs to be redone. This is the too small version.

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Naturally, pardon the terrible self portrait. No one is willing to help take photos around here. It's enough to make a girl think she's not photogenic.

So now, since I'm rambling. I've been thinking about how lazy I've been these last 2 months. I could have gotten so much more done & I haven't. I wish I had another outfit, something fancy to wear to the ball. If I had worked harder and spent more time working on this stuff then I could have gotten something nice made as well. There is that part of me that says, hey, just whip out another skirt & another mantua. Once you get one finished how hard will be making another? Yes, it's true, I'm already feeling like a failure and like all this work is just junk. I hate this point in a project.

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