Hemming & Hawing

The mantua is finished.

Here's mid pleating. Some are pinned, some are basted. I ended up having to tie the silk thread oddly to keep it from pulling out under the weight of the wool. I couldn't tie knots big enough not to pull free (pun unintentional).
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I realized yesterday why the front didn't seem right. Someplace along the line I lost the front pleat. Well, there's a classic Chole project for you. I ended up cutting back the front to create the V shape I wanted. Waugh's has a slanted front so it's not totally out of the question for it to be shaped that way.

I also faced the entire front rather than just the top portion. I like the way it finishes better, especailly since I'm not sure how the fulled wool gab. would unravel & I want the hems & seams as finished as possible.

All in all, not perfect, but not bad. All that's left is the bottom hem & the tie backs. Originally I was going to leave it hanging, but it just doesn't look right that way. So I've got to sit down and whip off a couple of cloth covered buttons & the tie backs. I thought about taking T's idea & making a few thread wrapped buttons but I don't have any wool floss & the linen & silk I can find aren't the right color. So it's cloth wrapped, which is faster anyway.

Wed I'll do a "test run" & wear the whole kit all day to see where there might be any problems. I'm not anticipating anything with the base, stays/shift/petticoats since I've worn them twice now without problems. I already learned that the brass pins I have didn't cut it for holding the heavy wool pins together, so I'll be using old tailors pins instead. The brass will be perfect for the silk mantua though.

Which brings me to the next bit, I've already started on another mantua. This one is Duponi silk in a rusty orange color. It's cut & partially constructed already. I started having a panic attack on Friday about not having done enough the last two months & not having something "pretty" to wear to the ball. Well the silk mantua won't be finished by RF2. It could be, but since I don't have a fancy petticoat that I like to go with it and I have no ideas/solutions for hiding my hair except under a non-fancy cap, I set the whole project aside until later.

So anyway, I'm off to put those finishing touches on the brown wool mantua & throw together some linen pockets. Even though noone will be able to see them, I just don't feel right having any cotton/poly material on me with all the other work I've put into the kit.

and that would be the point in which I surpass "Slightly Obsessed".