Shifty Business

Almost completed my shift tonight.

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Yes, it would be perfect for the headless horseman at this point. I left the head hole out until I've finished the stays & can cut the neckline with the stays on. This way I'll be sure that the shift isn't too big in the neck or too small either. Like every other shift I've made, the sleeves are too long. Oh well, a little chop-chop and they will be perfect. That too will wait until it's being worn. Last I'll do the hem, but that's another quick machine project. I can blind hem on a machine in my sleep!

3oz hanky linen from (where else?), machine sewn so far (will finish neck & sleeves by hand) with silk thread. The linen I'm saving for my cap & other 5oz projects since it's the heavier weight thread. Linen & silk is a fabric-gasm if I ever had one. Especially with this light weight linen. I was originally going to use 5oz but changed my mind. I figure, if you're using essentially the same material for the entire outfit, might as well change the weights & weaves up a bit. I've very happy I went with the lighter. It feels exactly like I wanted.

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Look ma, French seams. A word to the wise, French seams and gussets do not play nicely together. Also, I remembered why you're supposed to trim the first seam before flipping & "frenching". When you don't, you might not have problems catching the first seam inside, but you could very well end up with hairy seams. Ooopsy. Thankfully most of the loose thread can out with a quick pull. Now maybe it was me but I found the hairy seam in the underarm gusset to be very funny at 1:30 this morning!