Stay Tuned

Finished! It only took about 5 hours (& the end of Captain Blood) to sew all the eyelets. Not much else to say about this right now really.

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They aren't laced on Sticky. They need to stretch a bit & the tabs haven't started bending outward yet. Poor Sticky is just too much of a pushover. Her hips were bending in when I tried to lace her up. So instead, I'm sitting around wearing them in.

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L's touch was suggesting I use the pink silk ribbon out of my collection on the shoulders. I've also added a nice fat green ribbon to my shoes. I love that ribbon.


  1. Deah Lawd-a-mercy, I can't begin to fathom doing this... my hubby's pulled me into GAoP reenacting, and as a history nerd, love it, but...


    I sewed a pillow for a Home Ec class in middle school once or twice. I sewed a lil pouch the other day, just to see how I did, since I know I'll someday have to make my own stuff instead of chronic borrowing.

    I may not look like a pirate, but I damn sure cursed like one. Over a pouch.

    So, much respect and I'm very impressed! It really looks great!

    And if you're ever at an event in the South, look for me... I'll probably have given up and be dressed as a man by that point!


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