The "New Projects" List

The next "mark" on the calender is Port Washington's Pirate Fest in June. Seeing as that's a mere 4 months away, I have already begun planning & purchasing for the event. The list of projects to complete before Port Washington includes:

-a basic kit for L. She has actually asked for this so being the mom that I am, I'm jumping on the chance! Linen petticoats, unboned linen stays, linen shift & wool mantua. For this I'll be scaling down a combination of RH's mantua pattern & Waugh's Mantua pattern. I'm mentally working on a way to have her wear the mantua without pins or modern hooks etc. It may end up having eyelets under the front facing & being front laced. The stays will be from measurements run through the Custom Corset Pattern Generator Which is the same pattern generator I used on my Hemp Corded Bodice. I'll add tabs & sew the boning channels but leave everything empty except a rib on either side of the lacing holes, which might even be hemp cord to keep it flexible & soft for her. L is a modern child after all. She's asked for pink stays & is eying the pink silk ribbon in my stays. Mantua will be dark blue wool felt, outer petticoat will be the left over yellow that matches mine. The remainder of course will be plain white linen, much of it left over from my basic kit.

-tan & blue Hunting Frock. I snagged the 10 yards of tan wool gab for this when it went on $8/yard sale last week. I love the way the chocolate brown for the mantua fulled, so I'll do the same for this project. Lined with a yet unchosen blue linen. I'm leaning towards a rather deep indigo color. I'm going to learn to make Dorset thread buttons (in blue & green)for all the buttons on this coat. I'm tempted to make the waistcoat out of the same odd orange duponi silk as the half finished silk mantua. The color contrast with blue is so striking & I'm just a sucker for orange. It's that or brocade of some kind that I have yet to find. I have found a beautiful wool hat to complete the outfit though. Imagine that in tan trimmed out with blue & feathers with a broach in place of the button. Naturally the hat costs more than the entire outfit & I might end up getting a blank cartwheel hat & shaping it myself.

-The Fancy Mantua. ie the previously mentioned orange silk mantua with dark green petticoat. I want this to loop back on a belt with a chain. Still haven't found out what material to make the belt out of yet though. I'm thinking that it needs the little ruffle on the fold back part in a contrasting stripe (Gold & cream?). I'll need to wear a fontage with this outfit & that's pushing the whole project to the way back burner for now. Although the machine work on the mantua is finished (minus the facings). It's sitting in the bin waiting for inspiration & more research. However, the silk was 40% off over the weekend & I couldn't pass it up. It's got a train even, *so* fancy for me.

There are other projects, a "theatrical pirate costume" for a friends DH & I'd really like to make a few basic pieces for M since I know he'll love to wear them. But for now, L's kit takes top priority.