Everybody Jump, jump, jump around!

Half way finished with L's jumps already. The difference between hand sewing & machine & something half the size is noticeable.

Drafted the pattern last night with the Custom Corset Pattern Generator, Tabbed Corset Instructions & Bodice Drafting Instructions. I've used this set of instructions before for my Hemp Corded Bodice.

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a poor photo of the pattern with boning lines marked out.

I think it took longer to get L to hold still for the measurements than it did to draft the entire pattern. I cut the front with a gentle curve about 11" long and added the tabs in one rather than sewing them after the fact. I also adjusted the back so that it wasn't too high. I shifted the straps so they will tie with ribbons on the front, which should add some length adjustment should L grow suddenly. I cut a muslin & got L to hold still long enough for me to test fit before cutting the layers of linen.

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The jumps are made exactly like boned stays, without the boning. 2 inner layers of 6oz linen, an outer layer of mustard yellow 5oz linen (left over from my petticoat) and an inner layer of fine 5oz linen. These will have dutch linen tape when it arrives. All channels are sewn to fit 1/4" reed boning and/or 2-3 cords of thin hemp cording. However, I am only putting cording on either side of the lacing holes in the back currently. In the future I can pull the binding off and add more, but for now I'm just happy to have L wanting to wear them!