Upcoming Events & Deadlines

I've already talked about my future projects. Garb for L & a Tan & Blue Hunting Frock.

Upcoming Events:

May 12: Pirates Invade Door County Maritime Museum
This is the deadline for the Hunting Frock.

May 19-20:
Janesville Renaissance Fairea
No it's not a "pirate" event but it's local & Chris' bunch does a great job with this fund raiser for the Jaycee's. I have to talk to the Jaycee's lady soon about running their beer cart for the event. It's the one area that I would really have liked to see someone in garb last year. Plus I'll need a job while there (as always)

June 1-3: Port Washington Pirate Festival
This is the deadline for L's complete garb. We'll be getting a hotel room for the weekend since period camping is not on the plan close to the site. Additionally, J doesn't camp & I'm counting on him coming along to watch L at night so I can go to the late night parties. I'm also working on A about coming up for photo-ops. She & her bunch were very excited about it last year.

That's as far as I've gotten in my schedule, since they are also all local events. It's so much harder to plan for the distance events. I'd like to manage an east coast something this year. I have high hopes that something will get put together for Saint Mary's City, if nothing else, because I want an excuse to go there, it looks amazing! I am also hoping to manage PIP this year but that's not until November so I can put off the planning for now.

I think that's enough planning for now. Time to start working on the Hunting Frock!