Mini Me

Here she is, everything but the mantua!

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- Linen shift with linen tape neck & sleeve hems & cotton tape drawstring to make it wearable longer

- White linen petticoat with linen tape waistbands

- White linen pocket with linen waistband

- red linen petticoat with linen tape waistbands

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- yellow linen "jumps" with heavy linen interlining & light linen lining trimmed in dutch linen tape. Back (yes I know it's laced wrong, it was 2AM!) has eyelets bound with linen, tied with thin cotton tape. Each side of the eyelets has 3 strands of hemp cording (left over from my hemp corded bodice) for stability. Otherwise they are unboned to give her the flexibility that a modern child is used to. And of course don't forget the shoulders, tied with the pink silk ribbons off my stays. I'll just have to use the blue silk on mine instead, after all, L just loves the girly pink ribbons.

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- White linen cap hand sewn with silk. I'm going to make another one since this is actually the first one I made that was too small for me. It fits L but we're having a problem getting her long, thick, heavy hair up enough to stay in the cap. I have also added a purple silk ribbon to one of the straw hats I had around that didn't fit me because of my hair. It fits L perfectly & is painfully cute!

In other "Mini Me" costume news; I lucked out and found her machine knitted, hand dyed stockings. I was doing a search on E-bay and ran across a woman who had made a pair as a test which unfortunately came out too small in the ankle for her to wear. Well they fit L's measurements perfectly so I snatched them up. I'm stalking the mailman for when they arrive.

The last details are the mantua (currently in progress) and finding her suitable shoes. I had an idea about cutting down these loafers I found at Walmart, but unfortunately they don't go up to L's size. I also found a place that makes later 18th C. children's shoes, real leather & meant for real buckles. I just don't want to take the $85 plunge for shoes for her just yet if I can find something else that will work.

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She wore this for 3 days straight. Didn't even take off the shift or under petticoat to sleep. I'd say she's ready for a period encampment!