It Ain't Easy

It ain't easy to ease

It took a lot of fiddling, lots and lots and lots. To the point that I almost walked from the step for a while, but finally, the sleeves are in the Hunting Coat.

Seen here with blue or tan cuffs. I'm going with the blue, which matches the lining and the future buttons. The buttons in the photos are the left over stuffed buttons from the Girls Kit. J is doing me the favor and cutting wood circles for me to cover for the buttons. Eventually I might want to have metal buttons, but with a time crunch on this outfit, the fabric covered buttons will have to do. Plus I like that they add more color. When everything is just tan, it's rather dull.


  1. I had noticed that you had looked at my blog "" and took a look at yours. I loved all of the pictures of your sewing projects. You have done so many individual items and your work is very nice. Your hand sewing on your stay is so much better than mine - I am jealous.


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