Little Things

Just the little things for my kit that I picked up at the Macktown Gathering this weekend.

First two very nice, turned bowls. Each is about 6" across and 2" deep. They came unfinished. The lady suggested rubbing them with mineral oil, but I had a better idea, food grade flax oil. They had several other sizes available, including a beautiful huge bowl for only $80. Unfortunately I didn't take a business card so I don't know who I got these from or if I could get more on-line. Bummer.

Before & After

Also picked up a very nice spoon. I'd like to replace all the cooking spoons in my house with these. Not only is it nice in the hand (great for swinging at people who attempt to taste test) but it's just plain pretty to look at, which might make me want to cook more.

Stay away from my stew you lot!

And last, a couple of things for L. A Jacobs ladder toy. She's been begging for one every time she sees them at Cost Plus. Well this one is raw wood and simple ribbons, not like the painted up ugly versions. I'm much happier with this one. Next I'm getting her a wooden hoop. With her marbles and deck of cards she'll have no reason to be "bored" at an event so long as she can find someone to play with her.

I also got a very nice wooden comb for L's hair. I don't know if a wooden comb is strictly period correct, but I have to be able to do something with her hair at events. This works nicely, is a dream to hold and is pretty. A lot better than whipping out the big paddle brush while sitting in my period correct tarp shelter!