The Common Man Plan

This is the first time that J has asked, asked me to make him clothes. For the past 11 years it's been, yeah ok I'll wear what you tell me. No enthusiasm. But he's finally asked & I'm super excited. Lets see how I feel after having to sew all the button holes on his coat.

The Plan

Breeches: left over blue wool from L's mantua. It was going to be my wool petticoat but I'd rather she & I not have all the same colors in our clothes since we will be at the most events together. Patter for the breeches is Reconstructing History's 706 breeches and slops. I'm looking forward to that too becuase J & I still wear the same pants size. So making him a pair, means I'll have a pair if I ever need to dress as a man.

Shirt: The last of the Joann's heavy linen with guidance from various sources. I ws going to use the lighter linen that I got for my extra shift, but then remembered how tough on clothes J is. Plus, I don't want to give up my extra shift for him to have a shirt and I've got that JoAnn's linen that I don't really like for myself, so why not for J.

Coat: We're looking for either inexpensive coat weight wool, or a big old army blanket. I'm going to have my mom look at her Hancock's for the wool that they used to carry during the winter. So far I haven't had luck finding an old wool blanket, although that might not turn out to be cheaper than yardage either, depending. Pattern of course is Reconstructing History's 705, sailors & common man's coat. I gave j the option of having a justacourps but he likes the shorter, simpler style. No complaints from me, I like the less button holes option!

Workman's Cap: J saw these and decided that he likes them. So while at The Gathering this weekend he looked at a few and they were all too small for his head. Rats! So instead I'll be digging through my scrap linen and making him one. I was hoping he'd find something at the event so that there would be some variety in the materials used, rather than just the same scrap that both L & I are also wearing. Oh well. at least he'll have a cap.

Stockings: He'll be wearing one of my two pairs. I'm considering giving him the Lindsey-woolsey pair and having Leslie Carroll knit me a couple of pairs like L's. I need a wool pair and maybe a linen pair. The wool got very hot in 80* weather, so many linen stockings would be cooler if not perfectly PC.

Shoes: Here's where we get stuck. Shoes are expensive and J won't be wearing them all the time anyway. I'm thinking that we really need to try the cut down desert boots for him. They don't have to be pretty, he's a street seller for Pete's sake. So far that's the plan for shoes at least.