The Complete Children's Kit

This was caught just before we left for the weekend, hence the reasons she's still wearing her cap. That lasted about 20 minutes before she yanked it off. Maybe she is right about it having the chin ties. We also had some trouble with the shoulder on her mantua. It's sewn to her in this photo. Normally it would be pinned, but L is scared of being poked. I am still brainstorming ideas for getting it to stay where it belongs without having to sew her into it every day. By Sunday, probibly because J was with us and she knew she could get away with more with him, she wasn't even wearing her mantua.

For shoes I ended up grabbing a pair of black loafers from ShopKo the morning before. They have the box stitching around the toe, but tied with ribbons & mostly hidden under her skirts no one was the wiser. Anyway, the were a slight bit better than the adults wearing black stockings & tennis shoes. I know that is the preferred method for adults that don't have period shoes, but come on. Some of these people were in really nice other clothes. If it's a money issue, why don't they try the cut down a pair method (which is on my list for J's kit this month)

Anyway, L looked great. We didn't managed to get any good photos. J took some but despite what he says, he doesn't get good pictures of me. Either that or I look like crap! I know I need to find the right brimmed hat for me. The one I had has way too much crown and makes my head look misshapen. I also need a new cap. I want a lappet cap with the sides folded up like I saw on someone's website.

Next up is J's garb, common man's clothes!