The shirt off my back

almost literally.

I finished a linen shirt for the common man's kit this weekend. There were only a few things I did differently from the instructions. You weren't seriously expecting me to follow them to the letter were you?

I left off the interior neck triangle. I didn't really see the point in it and since the shirt won't be worn frequently, I could chance it.

I pleated rather than gathered at both the collar and the cuffs. I am just not a gathers person. I want things to be even and lay nicely. Gathers just don't do that the same way pleats do. With some experiment I ended up leaving the neck gusset triangle unpleated. The shirt ends up nice and smooth right at the shoulders, with plenty of room across the back & chest.

I added 2" to the sleeves. I am so thankful that I measured & checked against J. He has long arms and the extra 2" made the sleeves fit perfectly. I would have been rather pissed to go through all that work only to find the sleeves just that much too short.

I am still deciding where, or if, to put a small cloth stuffed button at the collar. I put one on either cuff. I'm wondering, should the button go on the collar itself, or just below it? Should I just leave it off since J will probably leave the shirt open at the next anyway?

Either way, I'm very happy with the shirt. It only took a night to construct, even hand sewing the cuffs & collar, neck opening & bottom hem and shirt tails. It's very nice. In fact, I can see "borrowing" it to wear myself.