Camp Dog

About a week ago I ordered a tent from Falls Creek. I know I said I was going to sew my own but lets face it, I'm not up to that yet. So I ordered their very basic A frame although I splurged and got the extra foot of height and the second door. That way it can be opening into a lean to if needed. A bell back tent would have been more appropriate to the time period, however I don't like trying to get the bells to lay out nicely.

In the mean time J has made me 2 benches similar to the 30 years war design I saw. They are very simple, 2 flat sides that fit into a top. They fold down quickly and easily with no hardware. I think he is also going to build himself a smaller bench to sit on while he plays his cello. Today's task is sanding and staining, although I'm tempted to paint one of them. I'm trying to make sure all the pieces are "matchy-matchy", even though they are pretty much the same.

J also build me a collapsing X legged table not dissimilar to the folding table Washington took on campaign. The sorts of folding tables where the top splits are very popular in camps I'm noticing. Mine looks much the same but doesn't have a split top. It actually has to have 4 pegs pulled in order to flatten. I need to stain up that one as well, but I want to make sure I like the stain color since the table is so nice looking.

Sometime next week hopefully J will make me the trestle table that I sent him links for. This one I'm thinking of painting, maybe if he does one with a nice center trestle area, I'll even paint a design on that part.

In other camp news, I need to find out if tent poles would have been painted or not. I've seen people with their poles painted and like the look. Plus I need to do something to hide the remaining lumberyard marks on my uprights. However I don't want to do something that is a reenactor-ism if I can help it. I'm not finding anything on-line telling me either way though. Frustrating since I need to get this stuff done soon.