Catching up

This will be a randomly jumbled post because I realized today just how long it's been since I updated. So much has happened and changed in the last month or so. Where to start?

I'm now an official member of the Great Lakes River Pirates. My first event with them officially was last weekends Pike River Rendezvous. I'm still working out the of moving from a 1690's English focus, to either a French Habitante or frontier in 1750 focus. I do know that I'm running an 18th century style coffeehouse which is especailly loved by the coffee drinking crew. W says that I should be in the Ohio valley, which is urban enough at the time for the coffeehouse but still regional. Meanwhile, he's quickly becoming a French Dr. with a gambling problem (finally someone that will play cards with me!) That leads to my benches and tables.


Tables are currently disassembled in the garage waiting to be repacked for this weekends event, Pirates of Paynetown. I'll try to get a good shot of them this weekend to share. J did a wonderful job and they came in super handy.

In other news, I made L a generic "urchin" dress to wear. I knew it was going to be hot and that her usual jumps/skirts combo would be to many layers. So I looked at the standard back lacing dress that everyone seems to have their kids in and thought, hey that looks just like a Kwik Sew pattern, but with the back laced. So I made one and it worked. The skirt needs to be longer and maybe the sleeves but otherwise it worked really well. Because it was so quick to put together I didn't mind that L promptly got it covered in sand and mud. Even after washing it's not "clean".

Other than that I made W's SIL J a bright red bed jacket, ruffled cap and apron. She looked super cute. W is also making me a list of clothes that he wants, new breeches for the Colonial Ball in Nov, a waistcoat with the lacing in the back. I'm also currently researching for a round gown to wear to the ball myself. I have this super soft, light, purple flannel that I'm considering. Although I would also love to do something in green, since it's my favorite color. I'm also making a quick ugly bed jacket today, as soon as I finish blogging of course. Also, because the GLRP does a lot with the boats, I need to have a back up set of slops, jacket and shirt. It's not an issue of "looking like a man" because when you're out on the water, it's impossible to tell. Meanwhile it's impossible to be useful on a boat in a skirt & stays.

My tent is great, I need a fly but for now am borrowing one from the LT. I've got a big piece of canvas that I'm going to paint as a floor cloth. Just as nice as a rug but lighter and cheaper. I also have to work on a long term sign for the Widow Black's Coffeehouse. I whipped on up the night before Pike River out of a scrap of fabric and my fabric marker. I "pirated" the three jugs on the sign from J&T since I was in a rush but it worked and looked good. I'm not sure what the long term image will be. For now I have to come up with a better way to get the sign to hang for Paynetown.

Anyway, that's the long winded, random updating. Keep a weather eye out for more frequent updates as I sew some new clothes.


  1. Ahoy and welcome! We can't wait to have you at ole' Monroe! (Just doing some friendly internet googling :)) Smooth sailing and we'll see you soon! j


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