Another update

I'm falling behind again as always. So just a quick photo of Mssr. W & I cooling off back at my house after a wonderful day playing music at the Frenchman's Frolic. Pardon the terrible photo. Focus is not one of J's strong points when it comes to the camera.

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While I know that the short gown style that I'm wearing there isn't "right", it was significantly cooler than anything else I own. Plus, it's more fitted and proper looking. In comparison to the majority of the ladies in their frontier clothes of drawstring skirts and men's shirts, I was a darned proper "lady" for once. I'm also wearing a brand new pinner apron. I like the style & this one stayed clean (sans one little spot first thing in the day). It's designated as my "clean" apron from now on. You really don't want to see the state of the working apron after a few events over the fire!!

I do think it's funny that I had to piece the short gown out of two shades of blue linen. After all "piecing is an 18th century practice". The lighter is left over from the lining on my 1710 hunting coat, the dark from a pair of lounge pants I made J many years ago. To add to the piecing I made one of the side gores out of the dark, even though I could have easily squeezed it out of the lighter. It really does make it look that much more like I pieced because of wear/need, not because "I'm making this 12 hours before an event and the store is closed" (which is the truth actually)