I had grand plans for this purple 1750's era round gown out of the $5/yard wool I bought last spring. Unfortunatly, I don't have enough to do either the en forreau pleating or the apron front. I'm seriously bummed about this and am already planning on another just so I can do a proper round gown. Although this one might be out of linen so it's more wearable at later season (ie, super hot midwest summer) events.

Instead I do have enough material to make a later period polonaise. They aren't my favorite style of gown. They are also entirely too common in my mind. I never see round gowns but it seems everyone has a polonaise.

What can I do though, I can't get more fabric & I only have enough to cut either the apron front and 1 side of the back or do the separate back pieces and no apron front & have enough for both sides of the back skirt. Piecing isn't an option as I'm already using a random piece for the sleeves & shoulders.


The thing is I did purchase enough fabric, 6 yards & the instructions say you only need 5.5. Well that doesn't take into account how terribly the wool shrunk when being pretreated. It also doesn't take into account that the fabric was in two odd sized scraps to begin with. I guess thats what I get for buying super discounted wool. Affordable but you have to be creative with what you're making. Maybe I should have used the fabric to make the Mantua de lit or Mantellet after all.


The plus side is that I can wear one of my petticoats & it will be visible. Maybe the new green wool or the darker red. The yellow is pretty beaten up after a season of wear & although the red has holes, I don't think anyone will notice those tiny things.