Original Inspiration

Wow. This cotton 18th century round gown is amazing. Thankfully it's both extremely expensive and wouldn't fit me! But this is good inspiration. I've been thinking of making a round gown in linen for camp wear during the hot summer months. Honestly it's also because I'm in love with the round gown look & just want one to wear.
18th century gown

Cotton block print gown, c.1780

While most late 18th century gowns were in the open robe style, others—like this one—were closed in front. The skirt front has an adjustable drop panel that allows the wearer to step into the gown—see the detail picture below.

The condition is almost excellent. The minor flaws include two small (1/4") holes
on the skirt and a few faded spots in the same vicinity. There is no underarm damage. The waistline
seam has been reset several times, but the original pleating pattern of the skirt was not altered. Everything
else is all original.

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