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My tentative 2008 schedule is here!

2008 Event Calendar

8-10 Reenactor Fest 4; Arlington Heights, IL
23-24 OshKosh Trade Show; Oshkosh, WI
? Character Workshop, McHenry, IL

15-16 Military through the Ages; Jamestown, VA

25-26 *The Gathering at Macktown; Rockton, IL

2-4 *Bloody Lake Rendezvous; Woodford, WI
17-18 *Seno Woodland Center; Kenosha, WI
17-18 --Janesville Ren Faire; Janesville, WI
24-25 Fort Koshkonong; Fort Atkinson, WI

6-8 Historic Ft. Wayne; Ft. Wayne, IN
6-8 Port Washington Pirate Festival; Port Washington, WI
14 --Maritime Festival; Saint Mary’s City, MD

3-12 Private Event; Washington Island, WI
12-13 Gathering on the Theatiki; Bourbonnais, IL
19-20 Bristol Renaissance Faire; Bristol, WI
26-27 Fort St. Joseph Community weekend; Niles, MI

1-3 *Pike River Rendezvous; Kenosha, WI
8-10 Pirates at Payneton; Burlington, IN
16-17 Frenchman’s Frolic; Rockford, IL
22-25 --Treasure Island; Jersey, Channel Islands, England
31-Sept 3 Baraboo Rendezvous; Baraboo, WI

20-21 *Kohkohmah & Foster Encampment; Kokokmo, IN
27-28 Pioneer Autumn Festival; Belvidere, IL

10-12 *Mississinewa 1812; Marion, IN
18-19 *Trail of History; McHenry, IL


1st ONWC Colonial Ball; Janesville, WI
8? --Lock House; Harve De Grace, MD

In a way my mind is spinning thinking about doing so many events in one year. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to miss anything either. I know that there is already a conflict between the Janesville Ren. Faire that I've gone to in the past 2 years and the Seno event in Kenosha. I also know that it's possible I won't get out to the east coast for either the Saint Mary's City or the Lock House events, although I do want to at least try. While I'm having a hard time with travel arrangements, I *must* do MTA in March. It's Jamestown for Pete's sake, there is no way I can pass that up! The same goes for the big Jersey event. It's going to take some heavy duty planning but as J says "this is your resume". The events that I attend, the work that I do, the time I take, this is basically my "career" right now and I need to build it. Plus I'm never one to do things half way. It's all the way or nothing.


  1. You can skip the Fort Koshkonong Rendezvous in Fort Atkinson. I've done it for 6 years and it pretty much sucks. In fact we've already decided not to go back this year.

    Seamus, the distillin' Scotsman.


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