Bootleggers & Bathtub Gin

J& I popped out for Prohibition Night yesterday, which in my historically obsessed brain translates to "new clothes!".

My circa 1927 dress, inspired by a sketch in Nora Waugh's Cut of Women's Clothes (p. 290) Made from Potting Soil & Turquoise colored jersey knit. The belt is lined with heavy duty interfacing to remove the knit stretch. I made the scarf separately & blind stitched it to the already faced neckline. It was the fastest, easiest solution I could come up with. Took about a day to make, machine sewing is such a nice change!

Underneath I'm wearing a really quick slip made from a few rectangles of silky fabric from stash & some bias tape for the straps. I whipped it up about 30 minutes before getting dressed. It's just enough to keep the knit from getting too clingy. No, I'm not showing it! I also wore a sports bra & control underwear to slim my shape to the right 20's silhouette. Call it the modern version of a girdle.

The hat is from a resized children's pattern. Made from uncut corduroy in the same shade of Potting Soil that I just happened to have (I have grand plans to use it to make slipcovers for my living room chairs). It's lined in the left over turquoise knit, interfaced again to remove stretch & provide a little stiffness. The flower is just some scraps to give the hat a little punch.

Unfortunately Prohibition Night at our local bar was a flop. We'll have to go to the gatherings in the next city over to be around a big crowd. Although the band did play one of their 20's sets for us & we made some new friends. Plus, I won't complain about a night out in period clothes