Extant Inspiration

Apparently using ClipMarks for notes saves the photos and text, even after the original source is gone.

This is a stomacher that I've lusted over for nearly a year. It's almost enough to make me learn embroidery. I am adding it to my "future sack-back gown ideas" mental folder and sharing it here for the other lovers of historic clothing.
embroidered stomacher c.1730

Superb English stomacher c.1730

The stomacher, which was a part of fashion from the 16th to 18th centuries,
was generally moved from one gown to another, like
a piece of jewelry. Elaborate embroidery, sometimes
including jewels, covered its surface.

Superb English stomacher c.1730

The polychrome
hand embroidery is executed in silk and bronze metallic
floss on a ground of écru linen. The stomacher
is backed with linen.

It measures 11" long by 7 3/4" wide, excluding the

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