What A Cat-astrophe

What a catastrophe!

I washed my beloved green mitts. Scrubbed them lovingly with my favorite handmade lye soap, wrung them out and draped them over the edge of the bathtub to dry. Later that day I went into the bathroom only to discover the above. One of my mitts had been eaten. Not by giant moths but by the furry monsters that call themselves my cats! Don't let the innocent looks fool you. These are cold hearted knitting killers!

Oh I was livid! The only positive to come out of this catastrophe, was that the mitt they destroyed was the first one, the one with the accidental yarn-overs, twisted stitches & other first time errors. Since no particular culprit was found at the scene of the crime, I accused both cats. Mr. Mistofelees attempted to kiss up by laying nicely on my lap as I diligently knitted a replacement mitt. Barley Mow chose to snuggle at my side while I slept, purring away.

The replacement mitt only took a day to complete, with no errors and surprisingly no need to back track for accidental yarn-overs. The thumb gusset took a bit of thought, since I've obviously forgotten how I did it the first two times. However, I now have two "good" mitts, a full pair. No more feeling the need to hide my hand or explain that one was my learner.

Still, I've moved the yarn basket to the top of my shelves, well out of the reach of the yarn eating monsters!


  1. Felted, they can become lovely pincushions for yourself or gifts to others, fabric for repairs to blankets or other wool fabrics, and, something I like to do as mementoes of 100s of knitting hours gone wrong or destroyed, cut and stitched into a miniature mitt for one's 21st c. Christmas tree.
    Cate Crown, Regt. v Knyphausen

  2. I'm actually thinking that I will use the destroyed mitt as darning practice. Being the kind of person that I am, I want to learn to darn, darn it! After that I might felt it for fun or even make another, let the cats trash it, darn it & have a pair of "second hand" mitts. Perfect for a lower sorts outfit.


  3. My cats eat all of my gloves- knitted or leather! Also the furniture. So, I can definately understand the feeling when you find the carnage!


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