When In Rome

Yesterday was the 2000th Anniversary of the Roman festival of Cerealia. The college had a roman festival to commemorate the event & their restoration of the 100 year old plaster casts of roman statues at the art museum. The day ended with a "toga party". Of course, I couldn't attend a toga party in just any old bed sheet!

I'm not 100% happy. Mostly the material was too heavy & not falling in "dead folds" like it should & I had trouble keeping the palla wrapped the way I wanted it, but it worked well enough for an evening.

I'm wearing a linen under tunic (not visible), a blue linen gap necked tunica (with only 1/2 the sleeves fixed because I was short on time) and a yellow linen palla. I'm also wearing a belt that wrapped around the waist, formed an X in the back & acted as straps on my shoulders. Sadly, I didn't think until this morning that we didn't get a picture of the back. I wore sandals & a chunky stone necklace. I tied by hair back in a dread version of the 1940's "donut roll" which looks really similar to the hair styles on some Roman statues.

It was a fun day. Lots of interesting art to see, a few interesting presentations (& one that was terribly disappointing). It would have been even better if the weather had cooperated, 35* and raining was not the ideal time for a Roman event. I really have no idea how the Romans took Britain. I would have taken one look at the weather & said "NO thanks!"