Bloody Lake Recap

Just a few photos to share & a quick recap of last weekends event, The Bloody Lake Rendezvous. All photos are thanks to Karen Garland of Brigands Folie

To start, my darling daughter L, the camp urchin.

Here she's covered in mud after jumping into an ankle deep puddle. She's wearing a typical back lacing child's gown, hand sewn from blue wool, lined with blue linen. The material is from her mantua, which no longer fit either in size or time period. She is also wearing a linen shift, apron and petticoat. Underneith she's wearing her hand sewn wool petticoat, considering how cold it was most of the weekend I don't think she took it off for more than a moment. Her cap & neckerchief had disappeared for the thousandth by the time this photo was taken. The necklace is a trade silver owl that she picked out at the Midwest Rendezvous last summer. It's her favorite piece of period "bling". She seems rather cheerful for a wet & cold child with no shoes doesn't she!

Later in the weekend the weather warmed up quite nicely, resulting in this dirty & devious look. This is the same dirty striped linen gown as she wore last year at the Pike River Rendezvous. I added new, longer sleeves and patched one of the larger rips with a scrap of hand dyed yellow linen. It is her favorite gown to wear because she can get as dirty as she wants without harming the gown. As you can tell, she takes her getting dirty very seriously. Oh look, we found her cap again & this time it's managed to stay on for more than a few minutes. I can't account for the particularly "pirate" expression on her face. She looks to be plotting something particularly sneaky though.

Finally a few shots of me.

Here I'm wearing my 1770's wool polonaise gown, the same gown that I wore to the ONW/Colonial ball in November. It's since been shortened to a reasonable camp follower length & its proving to be quite nice in the cool weather.

I've accessorized with several layers in order to offset the brisk weather. First I'm wearing my cuffed linen shift, 2 neckerchiefs; an under layer of silk with an over layer of linen. I'm wearing no less than 3 petticoats, 2 linen & 1 wool flannel. Filthy apron, wool stockings, buckled shoes & my favorite pleated cap complete the outfit. This is obviously mid afternoon, as the sun had beaten out the passing rain clouds. The haversack on my shoulder, while not documentable for a woman, is the perfect storage location for the various newspapers & magazines available for reading at Black's Coffeehouse. Be sure to stop by at the sign of the Janus Face for all the most recent news from London and around the colonies.

Earlier that same morning I was busy making breakfast & staying warm near the fire. Sure waking up at dawn to get the fire going is tough, but the benefit of staying warm no matter the weather is well worth the early wake-up call. Here I've got on a few extra layers. My green fingerless mitts; one on, the other tucked in my apron waistband, a heavy fulled wool mitt that I use as a pot holder and my linen coif draped around my neck rather than over my head where it belongs. Breakfast consisted of bacon, mushroom sausage, bread, cheese and butter & plenty of strong black coffee. I fell in love with the trivet & enjoyed practicing hearth cooking techniques all weekend. I'm rather proud too, as that fire was started in the rain, with nothing but period materials & survived though everything that the early May weather could throw at it.


  1. It all looks fantastic.


  2. i used your knife pleating tutorial to work on a 16th century dress and linked your blog over there. i couldnt comment on that post but thought you might like to know how great and helpfull i found your post. here is a link to my petticoat if youd like to see what you helpped me create :0) thanks!

  3. Beautiful work, C! I wish I were at your nice brisk events so I could wear my wool petticotes.

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