Pike River Recap

Just a quick post as we pack up for Pirates of Paynetown tomorrow.

The Pike River Rendezvous is one of our yearly events. We camp along the beach, bring the fully compliment of boats and weaponry and throughly enjoy ourselves with local friends. This weekend included 3 battles, two by land and one by water. The ladies and I made out like bandits; looting the fallen bodies after each skirmish, although I'm still searching for the perfect pair of buckle shoes. It seems everyone was either wearing high-lows or moccasins, not a single good buckle shoe in sight!

Photo by K. Garland L-R: Miss Sarah, Miss Kelly, Widow Black & Mrs. Bit

L naturally has a great time as well, running around with her friends. This weekend they spent most of the time in the coffeehouse, playing with watercolors, pick-up sticks and various rocks & bits of fabric. They even made 2 batches of butter, demoing for the public and explaining the process as they shared the work. Although the second batch was meant to be whipped cream for our black berries. They were just having too much fun churning to stop! I guess it really does go faster when there are three hands at work. Churn churn churn "Switch"!

Our new beach set-up worked wonderfully. There were no major incidents with the boats this year and the mini camp provided the perfect spot to sit and watch the kids swim. As you can see from this found photograph. JH & I enjoy a chat while sitting on the Catspaw and supervising the swimming.

Here's to another year on the big lake!


  1. Oh, geez, lol, I forgot this was you in my Bloglines, and was reading along, thinking this is just like Chole!! :p

    Sounds so fun!! And I really love that bottom pic. Just relaxed, and authentic feeling, like it could have been a real time! :D


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