Treasure Island, 2008

English flag at the top of Elizabeth Castle

There is simply too much to say about my 5 days at Elizabeth Castle on the Isle of Jersey for their Treasure Island event. The 200 plus photographs don't even begin to show how amazing the site is, or to express what it feels like to reenact in a place where everything around you is over 200 years old. I am endlessly greatful to the site, the castle guardian and the Jersey Heritage Trust for hosting such a wonderful event at such an amazing location; to all the various UK Pirate Brotherhood, Sheppey Pirates, C.H.E.S and Bonaventure members who shared their event, tents & beer with me and especially to my dear friend Ed for inviting me in the first place. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will be honored to talk about for years to come.

Home Away from Home: Elizabeth Castle at high tide

Without further ado, a small collection of photographs from around the site. Unfortunately there are very few photos of the other reenactors or myself, just one of the drawbacks to having the public around at every turn; no chance to have a photoshoot!

The Admiral Benbow Inn

Ben Gunn; Marooner

Nightfall on the Upper Castle and 18th Century Garrison

Lintel over an archway: G3R 1781

a view of the Lower Castle from the Upper Castle

R & baby W nap in a window sill

A secret passageway

View from our private beach

Stepping back in time


  1. Hello! I love your posts! This is fantastic. I am slightly obsessed with the 18th century myself. I love this, I am a huge fan and I'll be back!


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