No Glove, No Love

From the Spence Collection at Bath.

Aren't these the most fantastic knitted mitts. I simply adore the pointed flap over the back of the hand. While the green mitts that I knitted myself are perfectly functional, I'd gladly trade them in for a pair that was even half as nice as these. Do you suppose if I started knitting them now, I'd have them finished by, oh, the tricentennial?

A pair of ladies’ knitted mittens, probably Italian, early 18th century, unlined, knitted in silk/cotton mix in fine stocking stitch, with large carnation and pomegranate repeats in yellow, white and green on a pink lilac/ground, 37 cm long.

Part of the Collection donated to the Livery in 1959 by the late Robert Spence.

Conservation 1995 – 1999 sponsored by Past Master Margaret Linton.

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  1. Those are *knit*? You know, right about now is when I feel so sorry for those upper class ladies, who had so much time free in their day, that they could actually start and finish a project like those in any normal space of time to be worn. Wow.

  2. Oh honey, the woman who wore those didn't make them herself. No, no, if you're upper class enough to have nice mitts like this for everyday wear, you purchased them! I feel for the woman who was paid to knit them, hope she didn't completely loose her vision!

  3. Hope to see you at Boonesborough! I just live a few minutes from there! And you can deliver my free gift at that time!


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