The 18th "Scent"-tury

or the Manner of making various Sorts of thefe little Bags or Sachets to scent linen or wear in the pocket.

To Make A Sweet fcented Bag to wear in the Pocket
TAKE thin Perfian and make into little bags about four inches wide in the form of an oblong fquare. Rub the infide lightly with a little Civet then fill them with coarfe powder a la Marechale or any other odoriferous Powder you chufe to which add a few Cloves and a little Yellow Sanders beaten fmall and fow up the mouths of the bags.

FOR this purpofe may be ufed different parts of the Aromatic Plants as Leaves of Southernwood, Dragon wort, Balm Min,t both garden and wild Dittany, Ground Ivy, Bay Hyfop, Lovage, Sweet Marjoram, Origanum, Penayroyal, Thyme, Rofemary, Savoury, Scordium, and Wild Thyme. The Flowers of the Orange, Lemon, Lime, and Citron Tree, Saffron, Lavender, Rofes, Lilly of the Valley, Clove-july-flower, Wall Flower, Jonquil, and Mace. Fruits as Anifeeds &c The Rinds of Lemons, Oranges, &c Small green Oranges, Juniper berries, Nutmegs and Cloves. Roots of Acorns, Bohemian, Angelica, Oriental Coitus, Sweet Flag, Orrice, Zedoary &c The Woods of Rhodium, Juniper, Caffia, St Lucia, Sanders &c Gums as Frankincenfe, Myrrh, Storax, Benjamin, Labdanum, Ambergreafe, and Amber. Barks as Canella, Alba, Cinnamon &c

Care muft be taken that all thefe ingredients are perfeftly dry and kept in a dry place. To prevent their turning black add a little common Salt. When you chufe to have any particular Flower predominant a greater quantity of that plant muft be ufed in proportion to the other ingredients.
Pierre-Joseph Buc'hoz, The Toilet of Flora; Or, A Collection of the Most Simple and Approved Methods of Preparing Baths, Essences, Pomatums, Etc. 1772, pp.216-219

The above pictured "bags" are remembrance gifts to a few lady friends. They are a quick way to practice some period needle work skills; stem stitch, split stitch & (not so well counted) cross stitch and a nice small detail to have in ones kit. The bags measured ~4x5" prior to sewing. I added a little roving to each, not enough to make them pillows, but enough to give them some puff and softness. They are scented with a combination of cloves, anise seed and juniper berries, all items dug out of my spice cabinet and appropriate to scents in the last half of the century as seen in the suggested list above. I hope the ladies enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them, I just might have to make a few for myself now as well.


  1. Oh my goodness!! this is a GREAT post! Thanks so much for putting it together, PS '18th scent-ury' LOVE IT!
    Happy New Year

  2. I think I'll make some of these myself. Been away for 3 weeks and my room now smells weird. :( It'll be a nice way to get back into sewing after the break!

  3. Chole, Oh my goodness, it is good to see you again! Or errr, see your blog. How are the mamas doing at the group? I could never get back in to say hi, or bye.

  4. Well, damn...that list makes my (admittedly delicious smelling) scented hotpads sound downright unsophisticated. :p

  5. Great stuff! You are one of my favorite Re-enactors!


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