Busy as a Bee

Posts here on Slightly Obsessed have been slow recently and I will confess it's not because of a lack of projects but a lack of project completion.

Generally, I complete one project before starting on another. I simply have trouble focusing with too many irons in the fire and will forget things when I attempt to do to much at once. However, I find myself currently somewhat deeper than my knees in projects. Since more than one of my faithful readers has commented on the lack of posting, I will share little glimpses of the work currently in progress. Each will receive a full treatment, should I actually finish any one of them. So, dear readers keep your eyes open for the following posts in the coming weeks.

- The 3rd and final chapter in my ongoing tutorial on stay construction; Stay the Course.

- Revamping my sewing kit to include a cross stitched needle book & pin cushion.

- A tutorial on adding pockets to a man's coat.

- The finished workman's jacket for J, which I've been picking away at since August.

- A child sized quilted petticoat, complete with growth allowances for L.

- An embroidered child's sized pair of pockets also for L.

- A new, larger sign for Black's Coffeehouse.

- New tools for the coffeehouse, including a coffee roaster, ledger book & new coffee pot.

- A video tutorial on the construction of deaths-head buttons.

- A finished pair of strapless stays for K.

- A tutorial on cloak construction & the resulting cloaks for both myself & L.

- Event reviews, as they start merely 6 weeks from now!


  1. A new larger sign?

    Have you, perchance, an image of the old, smaller sign?

  2. Greetings!

    I've nominated you & your blog for the Proximade Friendliness Award!
    Check out: http://manskerman1780.blogspot.com/2009/03/proximade-friendliness-award.html

  3. Hey there,

    Hot on the heels of that last award... I decided to create my own!

    I have given you one of my very first TEMPUS FUGIT Awards... because I love your blog! Claim your award here:


    Thanks for keeping up such a great site!


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