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Belated Event Reviews

I find myself with little to say about the events of the past 2 months. They were what they were, as far as historical events go. Much like all the previous years of attendance at these events. Coffee was made & drunk, battles were staged, powder burned, boats sailed. Fires were kept hot for days at a time, songs sung around them at night, more coffee roasted & brewed over them during the day. Tents were set up and struck in short order only to be repeated again days later & several hundred miles away.

For now I leave you with a simple, wordless view of the last several events for the C Black Coffeehouse 2009 season.

Pike River Rendezvous

Pirates of Paynetown

Heritage Days Rendezvous

Mississinewa 1812


  1. Ah yes, the 6-hour-butter! lol. Thanks for posting these great shots, Widow Black. They bring back the wonderful memories of another show season unfortunately drifting astern.

  2. Excellent images!

    Perhaps instead of a full report of events since past, you might instead grace us with some captions for each of the images? Or perhaps a few?

  3. Wonderful photos! Sometimes pictures do speak a thousand words. So, thanks for updating in visuals.

    I am enjoying your blog, Widow Black. Thank you.


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