A life well spent brings happy death.

On cold, snowy days like today I frequently find myself enjoying one of my favorite pastimes; research.

Most recently I have been browsing the Farber Gravestone Collection, a fascinating database of nearly 9,000 gravestone images. What is even more interesting is that the majority of the database is of graves prior to 1800. Talk about an amazing resource!

Whether you're a genealogist looking for specific family names, a historian interested by the dates on the stones, an artists looking for inspiration or simply have a morbid fascination with graves there is sure to be something of interest within this amazing collection.

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"A day well spent brings happy sleep, A life well spent brings happy death." Leonardo da Vinci. 1452-1519.


  1. That's a really cool site. Thanks for the link!

  2. A little creepy, but I do really enjoy old gravestones and graveyards. Of course there is nothing that old in NZ.


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