5 Things I've Forgotten to Pack

We've all been there. You are 400 miles from home, you have everything & a period kitchen sink crammed into the back of your car & yet, something is missing. It could be something vital, or something frivolous, something you can replace at the event or borrow from someone else. If you are anything like me, it's probably one of a couple of things and no matter how hard you try to remember them, they always end up left behind.

5 Things I've Forgotten When Packing for an Event.


This doesn't happen as often any more since I got a smart phone. Actually, getting lost on the way to an event, because I thought I knew where it was & simply forgot the street name to turn on, is the entire reason that I initially invested in a smart phone. My old method of calling someone & having them look up the directions on their computer while I sit on the side of the road lost is in the past! Now I just have to remember the charging cord for my phone!


I have forgotten a mug to drink from more than once. We all know the Renaissance fair habit of strapping the thing to your belt isn't historically accurate, but there are times when I swear, I need the thing strapped to me to keep from loosing it even when I do remember to bring it. As a result, I now chronically bring extra mugs. There is always someone in camp who needs one, or a second beverage to try before the first is finished.


I'm not a smoker, so it's really easy to forget a lighter. I try to keep several scattered among all the various boxes and bins that I might possibly take to an event. Too bad that doesn't always work! Just this past June I found myself completely unable to find a lighter. Yes, I had every single box for the coffeehouse with me too. There wasn't one to be found & no one else seemed to have one either. I now have one stashed in my car, a method that works for more than just small items.

Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad.


I can't count the number of times I have arrived at an event and not had an ax. Maybe not the biggest problem for most people, but when your demo requires a fire & all the provided firewood is enormous tree trunks, an ax is pretty helpful. I tried simply remembering. That didn't work. I tried adding AX in big letters to my packing list, no luck. In the end the best solution I found was to carry my ax around in my car at all times. Yes, it's in there right now. Yes, even though I've since bough a new car. And you know what, having it when I don't need it has eliminated not having it when I do need it.


Maybe it's because it goes in the car last, maybe it's because I need it at home the night before, maybe it's just sheer forgetfulness but I always forget to bring a pillow. Always. Even when I used to have a dedicated camp sized pillow. I have become an expert in pillow alternatives. A folded sheepskin works, as does a spare blanket or bundled cloak if it's not too cold (& I remembered to bring one of those). My favorite is to stuff all the extra clothing I am not wearing into my historic duffel bag & use that for a pillow.

As I prepare for the last few events this year these 5 items are at the top of my list. I'm confident that I will arrive at more than one event missing something, but as long as I have the basics covered (clothing, shelter, food), everything else is just convenience. After all, there is always a store somewhere, it's not like I am really going back to 1800!

What do you always seem to forget?


Title quote
"Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad." Christina G. Rossellini, 1830-1894.

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The peddler (colored edition), Wenceslaus Hollar, 1816.